I’m Mallory, and I tend to write about the stuff of life that gives us purpose and fills us up.  Thomas is my husband, and we currently live in the lovely state of Indiana.

I feel most comfortable reading a book and most creative in the kitchen. I’m a fan of staying home, podcasts, a good cocktail and the two pups that keep us company. I want to savor this life with eyes wide and on His kingdom, and this space is a reflection of how that’s going. Thanks for reading!



    1. Hey there, thanks! Just started reading your post about working from home. I was in the same boat for about six months, and you speak the truth! So funny.

      Thanks for following!

    1. Also…Mallory is the girls name I picked out for our last baby if it was a girl but….nope. 4th boy. Named him Tillerman instead. Still cute, but not Mallory lol.

  1. Hi Mallory, I found you through your post on being set apart at Deeply Rooted. Your writing is beautiful and solidly biblical. Look forward to reading more!

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