Writing Update + Reader Survey

Last week, I started an online course called “Find Your Writing Voice.”

The goal is to have a bit more clarity in terms of who I am as writer, what I bring with me to the page, and what I most want to say.


Lately, I’ve been pulling inward with my writing, penning weekly letters, journaling daily. And now, I’m completing assignments for this course.

It was important for me to sign up for a couple reasons. I want to improve my writing – for me, and for you. And I don’t want my love of writing to go stale. I want to invite you in without giving you fluff, or redundancy, or a shallow, filtered version of what I really want to say.

So, I’m pulling inward. Not indefinitely, but just for right now.

But in the mean time, can you help me? I put together a quick reader survey and would be so appreciative if you took a few minutes to fill it out. I just want to know a bit more about who is reading and how I can try to serve you better.

If you know of anyone else who might enjoy taking a look, feel free to pass it on. And truly, thanks for reading.

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