To My Youth Group

Because my youth group’s first meeting is this weekend, it has prompted me to think about the upcoming year and what I wish for them. For us.

I want them to genuinely enjoy each other’s company. The pragmatism of my upperclassmen boys and frilliness of my middle school girls. That there will be harmony among each other, and much laughter.

I wish them strength as they start another school year. To overcome stress caused by too much note-taking, too much comparing or too little rest.

And that they would come to realize that Christ defines them. That no matter what jeans they wear, sports they play or grades they receive, they are enough.

As for myself, I don’t want to care for them from a safe distance.

I want to work to understand them better as individuals and let them know that I, too, have giggled about what boy likes what girl. I, too, have held myself to an unreasonable standard in school.

And fortunately, there is a God so much bigger than what we try to become on our own. Don’t we all need that reminder sometimes?

To my youth group, I love who you are. I really hope you know that.

I can’t wait for another wacky year with you.


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