Time to Move

I never thought books could hold me back.

I relish in hearing stories of faith being challenged and adventures that individuals find worth pursuing. I read about people taking jobs and quitting jobs, road-tripping and choosing to stay. I read about crazy generosity matched by crazy creativity and these huge risks people take to serve others. I read about people who don’t care about cultural expectations and decide to engage in life, rather than be burdened by it.

And my response is always, “That’s so neat. They’re so brave/innovative/insert-adjective-here.”

Then I rack my brain thinking of all the things I could do, too, until I talk myself down from that place.

It becomes easy for me to read inspirational stories and simply close the book, saying it was a good read, but have no resulting motion on my behalf.

So now I’m toying with this idea that we can take our most inward thoughts and then act on them.

We can absorb the stories of adventure and love and everyday life to no end, or we can challenge ourselves to react. To move. And these movements can be counter-cultural, too, just like in those stories we read.

It may be a trip. It may be an act of kindness. Demonstrating love or forgiveness. Anything, really.

That kind of life we imagine for ourselves as the most fulfilling or God-honoring, it can begin today.

And it took me a while to realize that.

So for the next while here at Make of Me, we’re going to explore this idea. We can think inward to act outward and change some things, no matter how seemingly small or overwhelming. We don’t have to remain in the same place, wherever that may be.


This week, I’m in Florida. We had the chance to hang out with my in-laws for a week at the beach and took advantage. My first thoughts upon being invited were so Mallory-esque. Questioning whether a second trip to the beach in two months was indulgent. Whether I should just stay at home and get some hours at work.

Then my more sensible husband and I agreed – we won’t always be able to just “pick up and go.” So we decided to. And I’m glad.

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