Things I Learned In July

I’m linking up again with Emily Freeman over at Chatting at the Sky to blog about every quirky thing we learned last month. Here’s my list. Perhaps you could make your own?

1. Hand-written notes matter. I finished up thank-you notes from the wedding this month, and I often questioned if my five-sentence sentiments would mean anything to the recipients. One couple at church (who attended the wedding AND celebrated BOTH their birthdays on that day) came up to me and said they appreciated the note, and it was so sweet that we acknowledged how they spent their birthdays with us. Our words matter. Online, and hand-written.

2. The cliche that a life change often equals a change in hairstyle…well, that was true for me. One afternoon, I dreamt up this idea of a new hairstyle. So I went for it, and chopped it off! Maybe next time I’ll go darker…


3. Sharing stories provides connection. When Prodigal Magazine featured a story of mine, I received so much feedback and encouragement for sharing such personal emotions. Readers began to say, “Me too.” And that was awesome.

4. Allison Vesterfelt’s blog resonates with my soul. She’s the editor of Prodigal, and the last three posts she’s written have spoken so directly to my current thoughts about transitions and big decisions and life in between stages. Check her out.

5. It is so fun when family keeps getting bigger. T’s brother, Paul, married the love of his life, Hannah, at the end of the month. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding, and the start of a pretty rad married siblings relationship. Love it.


6. Sometimes it’s hard to follow through on our commitments. But we must. A few months back, Thomas and I had the goal of sponsoring a child through Destiny Rescue. We still plan to, but haven’t moved on it. And I think it’s time. Thank the Lord for grace.

7. There is much risk in moving your life forward. But when your husband looks this good in graduation attire, it’s worth it. 


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