Things I Learned in June

One of my newfound joys in blogging is exploring other people’s blogs. I enjoy finding authors who topically speak and write to my interests, and who I can learn something from. Emily Freeman writes over at Chatting At The Sky. She’s funny, true and at the end of each month writes a post about all the things she learned in those 30 some days. She encouraged her readers to do the same for this month.

Thus, here are some of the many things I learned in June:

1. Cooking is a form of creativity. And I like it. I’ve found satisfaction in creating a full meal from lots of different ingredients and making it look pretty on the table.

2. Walkie-talkies are still fun as adults. We brought them on the youth group’s mission trip to communicate among vans, and the conversations induced so much laughter. Over and out.


3. Speaking of the mission trip, I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the people of Appalachia.

4. It is possible to roast asparagus in a toaster oven. The countertop appliance isn’t just for toast anymore, people.

5. Even children work to overcome fear. My precious five-year-old nephew wanted to run and jump off the diving board so bad, but he was terrified of not knowing what the result would be. Eventually, right before having to leave the pool, his little legs sprinted off that board and into the water. He was so brave! Even if it did take a little monetary bribing.

6. Friendships change as people change. And the result is often life-giving.

7. I don’t totally appreciate when it’s sunny and rainy at the same time. The possibility, yes. The contradiction, no.

8. Articulating why I believe what I do is more crucial than ever. I don’t want to be a blind follower, but instead dig into defenses for Christianity. My current bible study, ‘Why Do You Believe That?’ will continue to help me in this.

9. I don’t get tired of the music from Pitch Perfect. I really don’t.

10. Transitioning into marriage was rougher than I thought. For a short period of time, anyway. I learned it’s ok to be sad for what’s behind you, but in no way should that overpower the excitement of a new adventure.

What are some things that you learned in June?




  1. Visiting from Emily’s blog. I’m from Appalachia… Eastern Kentucky, and I love it. Not sure where your mission trip was, but thank you for giving your time. Many in my community have benefitted from groups probably very similiar to yours. =) And I don’t like sunshine and raining, unless of course I can see a rainbow. And while I love the Cup song from Pitch Perfect, after hearing a 10 year old bang it on the counter 5,970,900 times, I would like to smash a Solo cup. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hey there! Also from Emily’s linkup :) Incidentally, also a newlywed and also settled in Appalachia. Glad you were able to explore the region a bit, and on a mission trip – there’s lots of work to do here!

    Can totally relate to that funky adjustment time just after your wedding. Not that it’s awful or even all bad, but there is a weird sense of loss, isn’t there? Which is so odd because you’ve spent all these months anticipating the gain of a spouse!

    And I will have to try roast asparagus in a toaster oven!? That’s crazy cool. One of my things I’d learned in June was that you could bake a potato in a crock pot. Hooray for modern kitchen appliances!

  3. On my goodness! I was just trying to explain to one of my friends who is getting married in two weeks that she is totally normal for feeling sad about leaving her single life. I’m sending her straight over to your blog to read “You’re Not Weird”…I know it will touch her heart. :) Looking forward to coming back and reading more soon!

    1. Hopefully it gives her some peace, Mindy! I know I was totally thrown off by my emotions, but things do eventually seem more normal. It’s important to talk about, for sure.

  4. I learned a lot in June:

    I’m feeling what you’re feeling, Mal. I’m happy that you’ve found a real and good love, but sad things won’t be quite the same again here at home. But it’s ok. We’ll all be fine.

    The game of golf is at once frustrating and exhilerating, sometimes when playing the same hole!

    Send the husband out of town for a few days and something big is going to break (maybe even two or three things!)

    Maintaining friendships is hard work, no matter what your age.

    Donald Miller is my new favorite author! Look forward to getting to know him better and sharing him with others.

    And finally, when applying polyurethene to wood floors, always know where your dog is!

  5. 1) Even change for the better can be difficult.
    2) Being with the youth on a mission trip is so fulfilling.
    3) it’s true- the more you give the richer you are.

  6. Popping over from Emily’s link-up… I loved your list! And I agree wholeheartedly about marriage being a rough transition at times… we celebrate 14 years tomorrow! It’s amazing how over a decade of marriage and seven kids changes you – praise God, it’s for the better!

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