Finishing Touches

This is the wedding week.

Where the final countdown is on (cue the music), and I can now see the weather predictions for Saturday.


And while the phrase “finishing touches” usually implies a job mostly completed and all that’s left is the primping, that’s hardly the scenario. Our poor church grounds will demonstrate much disarray before looking presentable enough for this shindig. Once the tent goes up, tables and chairs will be placed like puzzle pieces…and hopefully it all fits.

Surprisingly, I’m not worried, or stressed really. At this point, that is my dad’s job. And knowing him, it will all get done beautifully.


In the meantime, I’ve been doing my part with the girly things. This past weekend, I recruited my sis and matron-of-honor to help put together welcome bags for guests staying in hotels. We had a great afternoon of shopping for the stuff, enjoying pedicures and getting our craft on with some handmade tags.


Beyond that, we have pictures in frames for the tables ready to go, and the vows are complete. Now is the time to enjoy. To confirm and affirm, yes, but definitely to enjoy. I am so excited.


Last minute advice for a soon-to-be bride?

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