May’s Commitment (In Progress)

I write this post as a way to hold myself accountable for the mission I set up – and energetically told you about – last month. When I was remarkably tired of being so wrapped up in me all.the.time.

It’s the experiment called Living Outside of Me, and you can read about its origins here. Last month, I aimed to practice more world-focused prayer to get my mind on something way bigger than my own little issues.

As May’s goal, Thomas and I would like to begin sponsoring a child. So many great organizations exist that partner children with adults who have money to give. By cultural standards, we don’t have much. But we definitely have some.

We’re looking into partnering with Destiny Rescue, a nonprofit organization dedicated to literally rescuing women and children from the sex trafficking industry, rehabilitating them and even implementing prevention programs in numerous countries around the world. I heard about DR a few months ago when I came across their presentation on campus and decided to skip class for it. Ha. Worth it.

Destiny Rescue provides two sponsorship options; we can choose to financially support a woman or child that’s been rescued, or invest in a child’s education and trade so he or she never has to resort to that line of work.

We haven’t made a decision yet, but I’ll definitely update you when we do. The thought excites me, knowing that we can have a connection to someone on another continent. Beyond a connection, though, it’s a commitment. And commitments can be daunting sometimes. But they also provide much joy.

Might you consider joining us?

Any comments from current or former sponsors?


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