For The Love of Bodies

I had my second fitting for my wedding dress this week.

I love it. It fits me well, and even though I sometimes jokingly lament that I can’t “fill it out” enough, I feel great in it. Furthermore, I can’t wait for Thomas to see it.

It’s interesting, though, to think about what a bride (or any other woman, for that matter)  is “supposed” to look like. No one directly tells us that we must be a size two and have those nice lines on our abs, and we all know that the magazine models are airbrushed. WE KNOW IT. But it still hasn’t stopped me from occasionally comparing myself to this cultural ideal.

So looking at myself in the mirror, it’s easy to think silly thoughts like “If only my hips were just a tad narrower” or “Dang, I really need a push-up.” Really?

This is who I am. 

Not to say that making improvements is bad. Eating right and exercising muscles are awesome habits that make our bodies happier. But when the focus is on becoming like People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful Woman In The World” (by what power does People have, anyway?), we need a fresh perspective.

God made our bodies to carry us through 70+ years of living. We can and should nurture them, but because I know He made me, I’m free to look in the mirror without all the images of other women in the back of my mind.

For the love of bodies, let’s change some things.


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