Where’d My Realism Go?

I hesitated to write this post.

Mostly because it reveals some ugly perspectives of mine that I would rather hide than put on display. But I think sharing them is important because I would hate for you to think that I only post when happy or inspired. Plus, this will be humbling.

Generally, I believe that my heart has been in the right place through the planning of this big ol’ wedding. My hopes and excitements span far beyond this summer, and I’m eager to get married life started with my guy.

However, every now and then, the unrealistic perceptions and the “crazy” of bride-dom show up at my door and knock demandingly. At the risk of sounding girly and cliche, I do care about the little details and creating an incredibly personal and beautiful day (Ok, no risk there. That’s a girly statement). I’ve had trouble making some decisions or figuring out my “vision” for such projects/tasks/ideas because I’ve held such a high standard. It’s kind of like Christmas in the post I wrote here. So much anticipation and build-up, the wishing and dreaming can be excessive.

I believe that even the most level headed, steady females can experience this, whether it’s about a wedding or any other event. Girls, we got to get our planning standards back to reality.

That reality for me is knowing that I’m going to have tons of fun on that day, dancing with my hubby, enjoying my family and  having not a care in the world about food signs and ceremony programs. I will reflect upon my worrying and weird bride-ness and think “Well, that was silly.”

I dare you to be the bride/woman/person that keeps perspective and recognizes when you’re being silly.

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  1. Dad and I want so much for you to have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, and you will! Whether the potted flowers for the reception are white or yellow won’t matter that day. The only thing that will matter is that you’re being married to the greatest guy in the world. I know because I’ve been there. Love you.

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