Experiment: Living Outside of Me

I think a lot about myself.

It sounds very conceited, and truthfully, it is. I don’t really intend to spend a chunk of my time wondering if I’ll ever write for living or get to travel to faraway places or find a cute dress for the rehearsal dinner. But obviously I can’t get away from myself, so this is the natural trend. But I kind of want to change that.

I recently wrote a post about a great book I read that encouraged readers to love our neighbors better. We can do this by observing our own lifestyles and then asking how we can use what we have – our talents, time and money – in order to make others’ lives a little better. You should read it. The author can, undoubtedly, explain it better than I can.

Essentially, she provides readers with a boatload of ideas of how we can make these small lifestyle changes in order to benefit others, or create awareness about the world we live in. I decided I wanted to actually adopt some of these ideas, rather than let them roll off my back immediately after reading. It’s easy for me to read a book, feel good about it, put it on the shelf and remember the lessons for a week or so. Nope. Not this time.

Hence, the experiment of living outside of me. Getting rid of the me-this, me-that mentality and training myself to move towards others, whether in my actions, thoughts, prayers or anything else.

For one year, I will focus on a different aspect of my life each month. I tried to make these practices fit into neat little categories, but it didn’t work. One month, I’ll be eating less meat. The purpose? Practicing self-control. I love meat. Another month, I’ll volunteer at a new place in town. Another month, I’ll practice spending more in depth times with the Lord. That’s a preview for you. Curious? Just tune in every  now and then and look for posts under the category “Living Outside of Me.”

For the record, April is a month of world-focused prayer. I pray for people in specific countries, those suffering under poverty or slavery or hunger or homelessness, those places where practicing Christianity is a crime. Anything having to do with the world. I want to be intentional about praying for other situations besides my own. Not saying this has happened/will happen every day, but the goal is to make a conscious choice to focus on something else.

I invite you to join me. Each month, I invite you to either partake in my effort or make up your own experiment. We can be adventurers together. And please let me know of your progress! More coming later. Will you pray for my month of prayer?



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