Sweet Carolina

I referenced the spring break trip to Savannah in my last post. Thomas and I spent last week with his brother, Paul, who moved down to Bluffton, South Carolina this past January. Bluffton is about a half hour from Savannah and twenty minutes from Hilton Head. In other words, it’s a dream. We had a great week of relaxation, sight-seeing and rest from the madness of school. And the mid-60 temperatures didn’t hurt our moods one bit.

Because we spent about equal time in each town, it’s probably most efficient to detail the highlights from each place. However, I must start with this gem of a pic.


Our first extended stop on the road was in Evansville. Indiana. For some hot, fresh Krispy Kreme’s. It’s sort of Thom’s thing. I’m a Square Donuts person myself (rep the local), but he swore by these – not the ones on the Kroger shelf. I’m now a believer, people.

Bluffton is charming. It’s a classic southern town with palm tree-lined streets and gobs of local restaurants. Some of our favorites were Vineyard 55 and breakfast at The Corner Perk, where I had Nutella Stuffed French Toast with Bananas. Made with homemade banana bread. I’m shaming myself now for not taking a picture of the gorgeous thing. I guess I was just so excited to eat. We also explored Old Town Bluffton, which had many art studios and pottery showrooms.

We traveled to a couple different beaches. The first was Coligny Beach, which had a bunch of shops and restaurants, in addition to a quaint seating area with adirondack chairs and swings. Thomas and I also found Mitchellville Park, which had a much quieter beach surrounded by marshland. Here’s the man checking out the scene.


Our goal for the week was to get a nice bronze. Let’s just say we’re still working on it.

Most of our truly unique experiences happened in Savannah. And many of them had to do with food. It’s vacation, right? We visited the renowned ice cream parlor, Leopold’s, more than once. We also braved a two-hour wait on the sidewalk to get into Mrs. Wilkes’, the place for soul food. Sound crazy? Probably was. But worth it. It’s a restaurant in high demand with the hours Monday through Friday 11-2. Once you finally get in the door, there’s a table set for ten with sweet tea and about fifteen bowls of different food on the table, which you pass family style to the others at your table. Fried chicken, BBQ, sweet potatoes, green beans, cream corn, you name it. We were stuffed.


Another fun foodie experience came about a bit spontaneously. One evening, Thom and I were watching Man v. Food, a highly classy show about a man who, depending on the episode, either finds the best local food throughout the country or takes on eating challenges. He said he was in Savannah, and our interest piqued as he talked about a place called Zunzi’s and their sandwich called The Conquistador. We decided to hunt the place down the next day, ordered two Conquistadors (described as delicious because of the “two special sauces”) and had a great lunch. A fun adventure, indeed.

I also loved just walking around and seeing all the specialized shopping in the city. Tea rooms and furniture showrooms and spice shops and a honey shop!  Honey, all. The Savannah Bee Company. And this was the sampling station.


I was extremely close to purchasing one of their shirts that said (get your music minds ready): “I’ve got my mind on my honey, honey on my mind.” Too good.

Our last night in Savannah, the three of us took a ghost tour in a 1987 hearse that, when full with six passengers, only got about three miles to the gallon. Louis, our tour guide, was wonderful and told us entertaining stories as we drove by cemeteries and the historic parts of town. Did you know that Savannah itself sits on a number of former graveyards? We didn’t either. Creepy. Have fun, Paul.


As the lone female of the bunch, I also enjoyed making sure the guys had a couple of good meals that we didn’t have to go out for. On a few different nights, I cooked up pesto pasta with chicken sausage and roasted brussel sprouts, southwestern black bean salad, crockpot chicken tacos and crockpot oatmeal. Check out the recipes at your leisure.

Both my sister and I have long felt that our souls belong in the south. With Paul and soon Hannah being down there, who knows? Maybe Thomas and I will find ourselves there as well. Options open. In the meantime, we’ll just be quietly jealous that spring has yet to show any signs of grace in the form of warmer temperatures, and Paul gets Hilton Head. Such is life. For now.

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