When You’d Rather Just Eat the Cookies

Sometimes it’s as if the work stares back at you.

Writing every minuscule event you can possibly think of down on your to-do list, then feeling paralyzed because you’re not sure where to begin. Or perhaps, like me, you try to mark out those little things just because you don’t want to do the bigger thing. Not yet, anyway.

Sometimes, I acknowledge my tiredness and admit that I’d perform the work better in the morning.

Sometimes, I’d rather just sit. Or enjoy a sweet treat from Byrd’s cookies, a souvenir-t0-self from our spring break trip to Savannah this past week (more on that later). I’d rather block out the annoyances.

We have moments where we get so wrapped up in the seemingly significant now – for me, appointments to schedule, invitations to design and papers to write – that we forget God is bigger. That our purpose is wider. We tend to think that the lists will endure forever, and our calling is to be productive, efficient people. We can’t let the work consume us.

Our strength comes from Him. Our purpose is to point to Him.

Even when we’re in a funky mood.

This post is for those of you in funky moods. For those of you who would rather drink hot tea and go to sleep.

For those of you who would rather just eat a cookie. Maybe two.


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