On Fire

Meet Brains On Fire, one of the (nearly 15) companies I hope to work for some day. And yes, the work really does sound as cool as its name. Brains on Fire calls itself a word of mouth marketing firm. They help other businesses with identity development and also work to build social movements. Their beliefs are the following, as listed on their website:

  • Great organizations are driven by purpose, not just profit.
  • They grow relationships, not just transactions.
  • And they thrive through movements, not campaigns.

Uh, yes. Yes, yes, and yes. I typically think of marketing firms and gag simply because I have this (possibly false) precept that it’s all about sales. Up the numbers, increase the profit. Develop a catchy tagline for the toothpaste company that claims they have the best recipe for tartar control. That doesn’t sound too fun to me.

As a public relations major, we talk a lot about campaigns and all the strategies and appeals and what not. Very early on in my classes, I realized that I wanted a job that went beyond the surface of selling a product and got to the heart of the cause behind it. When I found the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, I threw myself entirely into the belief that I would work for a nonprofit, and only a nonprofit. Then my eyes began to open up to companies like Sseko Designs, 31 Bits and GivenGoods. I’m fascinated with the model and the idea that a for-profit business can make the world better. And BOF’s role, as I perceive it, is to help these companies help make the world better.

And they’re based in Greenville, South Carolina. In a historic brick building that they call the Firesphere. Check it out.

So now, my interests are much broader than they used to be. I’m excited to see where I land.

Did I mention they’re based in South Carolina?

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