If there’s ever a time where five plus parties/events/get-togethers occur all in the same week, it would be December. Seems like the celebratory bug gets a hold of everyone – Christmas does that to people (i.e. me). Here is a little sampling of what I’ve been up to lately.

photo copyThis is my ministry at school, Christian Student Fellowship. I just love the strung up lights and how full the room is. Wednesday night we had a Christmas Communion service, where we read scripture and sang Christmas songs the whole time. Then on Saturday, we hosted the Haiti Compassion Gallery, a silent art auction to raise money for a young Haitian girl named Markilene. We raised over $800 that will go to building her a new house! And I got two new pieces of art for my future apartment/house (thanks Em and Erin!)

photoThis was my setup for my 31 Bits House Party on Friday!  31 Bits is a jewelry business that provides women crafters in Uganda with a sustainable income. All the pieces are hand made with beads of recycled paper. Beautiful and fair trade. I have been really fascinated with these kinds of socially minded companies lately, so hosting a party for my friends and sharing their story was super fun.

photo copy 2And this is a mediocre (no one to blame but myself) picture of some of my youth group caroling to the church’s shut-ins. They sang beautifully! I only had one high school student come along (who provided an excellent bass), but the rest were my middle schoolers. So energetic and fun. We’re busy nearly every Sunday in December, but they seem to be the most well-attended events. I’m really enjoying myself this year, and I think the kids are more acquainted with me now. I always said that if I was going to be a teacher, no way could I teach middle school. This group makes me rethink that. I love them.

Finals this week, then a break for three. I’m eager for Christmas, eager to give gifts and perhaps begin a wedding registry… :)

More to come.

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