About every other day, I receive updates from author Emily Freeman’s blog “Chatting at the Sky.” I’m reading her book Grace for the Good Girl right now, which discusses this idea of grace and our constant attempts to earn what’s already given to us. In one of her most recent posts, she talks about writer’s block and an exercise she does to help get the words flowing again. She challenged her readers to free-write for five minutes in response to the word “Graceful.” Here’s what I came up with. And no, I don’t frequently share what I write, so it’s a little challenging to expose it. Here we go. Maybe you can try it next?

“What I’m always trying to be. It’s about my appearance, physically monitoring myself to look good. But more than that, if I’m graceful, I’m generous, I’m loving, I’m the girl everyone likes. The glory of the gracefulness goes to me. That is so twisted. God says “Let me be graceful. Let me be the one giving love, so you can pass it on. I Am the strength and the glory and where ‘graceful’ comes from.” That’s powerful. It’s humbling. And also terrifying because it means my purposes and motives are wrong. But remember? God is graceful. He doesn’t let me fall from my mistakes because the price is paid. I’m forgiven before I even sin. Maybe the most important thing I can do then is to acknowledge that my sins are not hidden from Him. He knows. So therefore I don’t have to hide from Him, but take refuge in Him. And for that, He’s graceful.”


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