This and That

These last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind, trying to get in the swing of school again. I moved in last Sunday to the same dorm as last year. Shannon and I (roommates 3 years and going strong) considered switching things up in terms of layout of the room, but we agreed that last year’s arrangement was tops. So we kept all furniture situated the same except closet space, which caused some confusion manifesting in me opening her underwear drawer at least three times instead of my own. Ha.

Display above my bed. Simply printed images on dollar store frames. Thanks Danae for the inspiration!

I feel that I just tried to blow through my two previous years in college…like it was simply a bridge to something greater–a space in which I didn’t belong because I could not accept the phrase “This is the best four years of your life” (though now I’m beginning to understand what Dad said about this being the time of greatest freedom with the least responsibility…). I realized that as a Christian, I wasn’t enjoying the responsibility entrusted to me to represent Christ and be intentional in my relationships with friends and classmates. I was simply trying to get by. I was concerned with me. And for the record, I still am. I think that’s our instinctual focus, but it’s kind of refreshing to stretch that. For me that’s meant inviting freshman girls on my floor to CSF and just taking the time to talk to them and enjoy their company. Sometimes, though, it’s easiest to keep my door shut. I like my quiet.

So, in the latest news, I FOUND MY WEDDING DRESS! Bout time. It was only the second place I seriously looked, but I felt like I tried on a jillion dresses and didn’t know what was wrong with me because I wasn’t getting excited over any of them. I actually tried the gem on early in my round of dresses and came back to it at the end. There were no fireworks or flashing directional signs, only a bit of giddiness and the slightest tug that said I’d be coming back for it. I didn’t want to make any quick decisions, so I looked at the pictures and waited a week, then went back for it. I asked my sister how in the world she picked the very first dress she tried on, and her answer fascinated me. She said that things are different now, with all the television shows making dress shopping a life-changing event. Megan’s thoughts on making her decision? “It was pretty and fit nicely.” The beauty in her practical answer is that “the dress” didn’t overtake the truth: marrying her man was infinitely more important. I really don’t believe that the dress I got was created exactly for me and I could never love any other dress. But whew, this one is pretty :) I can’t wait to wear it for an entire day.

Here’s to the long weekend, hoping your grass becomes greener. The Lord knows we need it.

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