Cape Town Update

Hello again! This post is a long time coming, we know. We’ve been on a busy schedule, but the trip is progressing well and we are loving the culture, environment and people of Cape Town.

The first week we were in Scottsdene, as I mentioned before. That weekend we hiked Table Mountain (which was difficult for me…Thom graciously went slowly with me). We saw the most amazing sunset over the water, thanks to the beautiful day that held off the rain. My birthday that Monday happened to fall on our day off, so we went on a city bus tour and got gelato. The following week we did a variety of ministries in Khayelitsha township, including sports camps, children’s churches and manual labor. Khayelitsha is poverty-stricken area with a million people who primarily live in small aluminum shacks. It was incredible talking to the people who live there, as well as the pastors we worked with. They have so much passion.

Then we went on an actual African safari! The Aquila Private Game Reserve hosted our group overnight, and we took an evening and morning drive, where we saw elephants, zebras, rhinos, water buffalo, hippos, springboks, ostriches, lions, cheetahs, a leopard, a giraffe and more! We stayed in cozy cottages and enjoyed the main lounge with huge, warm fireplaces. It is winter here, after all.

This past week we were at the University of the Western Cape, sharing our faith with students there by initiating spiritual conversations and having fun with sports outreach. Unlike many times in the States, most students are very open to hearing the Gospel, which has been very encouraging. It is still pretty draining at the end of the day, but we enjoy it and will be there next week too. This week alone, our group had 180 conversations and 32 students committed themselves to Christ! Crazy!

This past weekend we went cage diving with sharks! What a neat experience…though the sea sickness for some of us (cough…me) was rough. We went out to Seal Island, where some Shark Week footage is filmed, and we went in the cage four at a time. We relied on the wisdom of the captain, and when he yelled “Down! Down! Down!” we sank beneath the surface and watched great whites swim by, some as long as 12 feet! No regrets at all.

We are really growing in our relationships with God here, becoming more dependent on Him as opposed to each other and all the comforts of home. While we are busy during the day, we also are having good teachings and Bible studies. Though we love it here, we do miss home and cannot wait to tell our stories to you all. We hope to be in touch soon!

Thomas and Mal

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  1. Dad and I are so proud of all you two have accomplished! At the same time, we can hardly wait to have you home — love you much!

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