Away We Go

It’s the title of a hilariously awkward movie, provokes the image of being lifted high in a balloon and represents the adventure that Thomas and I will embark on tomorrow (technically today). Over the next six-ish weeks, this blog will host everything Africa. Those who are new to this space, welcome! It is here that we will both will try to provide you a picture of everyday life in Cape Town.

At this point, we are both excited, but a little nervous too, not knowing what to expect. Yet we know this is what we’re meant to do. We’re not expecting a walk in the park every day, but we are expecting change to take place within the community centers and campuses that we serve. We also anticipate being radically changed ourselves.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey. Though we will have access to internet cafés, we aren’t sure how frequently that will be. Bear with us, and by the end you’ll probably be sick of our tales. Or, perhaps, not :) In which case we’ll continue to talk more. Prayers for safe travel and trust in Him would be much appreciated throughout this trip.

T-8 hours. Away we go..



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