Wedding Workings: The Basics

I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy writing this post.

It’s weird to think that Thomas and I have been engaged for nearly six months now. My, how the time has flown! We have spent much time thinking/talking about what we want out of our wedding day, and we’re now knee-deep in the process of reserving vendors and solidifying the “mood” to go for. We also just recently had our engagement pictures taken with the sweet Chloe Jennings (view her site here

Between the sizes of our families, the number of family friends and those who have watched us grow up in church, our parents pretty much laid it out that it would be impossible to have a small(ish) wedding here in town. And that’s understandable. We tossed around the idea of heading south with just our immediate families, but realized so many people would wish they could be a part of the day. That plan was nipped in the bud.

For the ceremony, it was quite logical to get married in the church we grew up in. It also was the wedding site of both of our parents, two of his aunts and both of my siblings. Oh yeah. History. We would like to make it as personal as possible with the vows and music, as well as other little details. It will be neat to walk down the aisle I’ve casually walked down what seems like millions of times.

Thomas and I don’t consider ourselves too formal of people. We sometimes joke we can’t take each other anywhere. We love music and both have a raging sweet tooth. We enjoy the outdoors and a good old-fashioned slow dance. For all of these reasons, we are working out the details of a tent reception right outside of the church. An evening ceremony would lend itself to a night of dessert and dancing under the lights in (fingers crossed) warm, dry weather.

Though the plans will continue to roll, I’m consistently reminded to keep perspective on the day. Favors and centerpieces aren’t THAT important and it won’t be a crisis if it rains or a bobby pin falls out of my up-do. I am MOST excited for next June because hanging out with my best friend will be made a permanent deal, and that’s a sweet thing. Whew. That was mushy :) Nevertheless, it is fun to plan and think about the upcoming projects and details.

So there you have the basics. Now here’s a picture after a friend’s wedding a few weeks ago, just for kicks. Take care!


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