No Luck Necessary, Seniors

This last month has been simply nutty. Between finishing up the youth group year, graduation parties, settling into work and classes and making wedding progress–more to come on that soon!–I have neglected this poor blog when it’s supposed to make me more disciplined in writing…shame on me. Anywho, this post is dedicated to two very special seniors (who happen to be in my youth group), Caitlin Manning and Andrew Keiser. A little bird (ahem…Caitlin) expressed how one of her life goals was to be mentioned in my blog, and I’m in the business of making dreams come true ;)

To Caitlin: You shine! I am so excited to be your sister-in-law, as we will continue to have much fun. You will be wonderful at Iowa State and meet many new, great people. Just don’t get forget about me back home! I am confident that you will be a light for Christ on your campus. Thanks so much for your support, patience and leadership in youth. You’re beauteous!

To Andrew: I am continually impressed with how you use your talents for good–both at church and in school. Your intellect, willingness to help and mad piano skills are all inspiring. I hope that you find a second home at Michigan State and enjoy your experience there. Reflect your love for God and keep on nurturing your faith. Thank you for being such a great help and supporter of mine!

Though “Good Luck” is obviously the typical phrase in a congratulatory send-off, I’m neither prepared to say good-bye to you, nor wanting to use a cliché, and frankly, you both don’t need luck at all. You have the skills and determination to get you where you want to be. You also have hearts for the Lord, which is so encouraging to see.

Happy graduation, you two!

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