Another year..

Last night was my final night of sleeping in my dorm room. This doesn’t exactly break my heart, as there’s really no space to just wander, which I sometimes like to do. Right now, I’m sipping orange juice by my desk light to let the roomie sleep a little more, and there’s a row of packed bags up against my bed, almost like linemen ready to get the game going. Dad is helping me move my colossal collection of things (read: clothes) later this afternoon.

Another year done. I’m now closer to my degree, closer to getting married, and closer to realizing that beyond that, I have no idea what I’ll be doing the rest of my life…but that’s kind of exciting :) (WHAT? This is coming from Mal?) I mentioned in a previous post that after I accepted my invitation to go on the South Africa trip, I felt so relieved in taking a risk like that. Perhaps that was a turning point in my life.

Speaking of the trip, our support-raising has been ASTOUNDING! It was humbling to completely rely on other people’s generosity, but after talking to Thomas, we both admit that, at times, we did not comprehend how blessed we were. Collecting thousands of dollars in a matter of a couple months? That certainly was not our efforts alone. I’m nervous about the trip only because I’m a homebody. I will have Thom, but I sure do love my bed and my family. More updates to come before we leave, for sure.

This month also wraps up my first year as youth director at Memorial Church, which has certainly been an interesting ride. I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants the whole year…hopefully the kids didn’t notice ;) Only my lovely ladies showed up to bake cookies a few weeks ago for the Kairos ministry, but we didn’t mind not having any boys. Made for some girl time.

It’s interesting being relatively close in age to them. Just last week, one girl came up to me wanting boy advice, which I’m always more than eager to give.

In wrap-up news, I had a wonderful time with some of my best friends last night, catching up on the craziness of this finals week and what’s in store wedding-related for “Manic May,” as Mom has called it. Let’s just say it should be a fun summer :)

More later…

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