Clean Out the Closet

Being on Spring Break, I have opportunities (not to mention the time) to tackle projects at home that lay dormant while I’m at school. One of these is cleaning out my closet, which accumulates clothing from years back and junk that takes over the floor. “Well, I might wear that this summer…” becomes a dangerous phrase that serves as a justification for my emotional attachment to sandals, t-shirts and even CDs from my middle school years (American Idol Season 3, anyone?) But once I got past the reminiscent element of cleaning and faced the blatant truth that no, I really will not wear that Old Navy sweatshirt anymore, I found enjoyment in knowing that my old clothes will make another teenage girl happy somewhere. Whether I take them to 14th and Chestnut or Goodwill, it’s neat to think that the shirts and shorts I loved wearing will bring excitement to someone else. Suddenly, cleaning my closet became much more purposeful. The final result was this pile of shirts, pants, purses and scarves, as well as some jewelry.

Truly, I think that I particularly enjoy organizing because it’s something that I know how to do pretty well. Doesn’t this make sense? We like doing things we’re good at. Which is why my mom cooks often and deliciously. In the midst of wedding talk and fundraising for our trip to South Africa, Thomas told me the other day, “I don’t know how to plan a wedding or do support-raising. I know how to work out.” And he really likes working out too. It’s almost like the things we’re good at serve as coping mechanisms for all the things we’re unsure about. I’m with Thomas…the fundraising thing is mega-complicated (in fact, for me, anything related to finances and bank statements is pretty hairy), so it was therapeutic for me to work in my closet, nicely stacking and straightening. I guess it goes back to the root issue of wanting all my ducks in a row (a common theme in my life: see previous post). Just something to ponder…


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