Say Maybe to the Dress

My mother’s wedding dress has been neatly folded and securely taped in a gold box for nearly 33 years. That is, until tonight…

My curiosity for this piece of 1979  has kicked up in the last year or so, as I imagine what kind of dress I will wear on my wedding day. Mom assumed neither daughter of hers would care to see it, but we decided to crack open the time capsule this evening and give this baby another wear. As my dad exclaimed, “We can have our own ‘Say Yes to the Dress!'”

Notice the wing-like sleeves. We decided to tuck them under to see what it would look like without sleeves. As it turns out, both Mom and Dad like it better sleeveless! Mom was also surprised at how well the dress fit, so it was really fun to see her reaction. We also joked how conservative she was with that ultra high neckline.

Such a neat moment to have with them. It also makes me excited for the dress hunt to come later this spring. But if that doesn’t produce any winners…

This beauty will be waiting.


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