Family Time

This post serves primarily as an update, considering I haven’t written in what seems like forever. Because classes are progressing smoothly and, generally, all is well, I’ve had the feeling that anything I decided to write about would seem minute. A bit boring, maybe. No more falling into those ruts! Time to make my days more exciting.

I will say that this has been a really great weekend with my family. I went home Saturday evening to babysit Aiden and Owen while their Mommy and Daddy went on a date. Putting Owen down at 6:30 left plenty of time for Aiden to have his auntie’s full attention, which always makes him happier. After playing some football (read: catch), messing with my phone and building airplanes with duplos, he was in cuddle mode, lucky for me!

Today we celebrated Megan’s birthday with lunch and plenty of games, football and overall relaxation. I sometimes feel like I don’t see them enough. With me living on campus, Mark and Gina up further north than I am and the rest of the crew in Riley, we don’t gather as much as we should, in my opinion. But at least they’re all close. Megan and I agree: we both love the idea of moving south…closer to the beach, but the thought of leaving family behind is fear-inducing. With graduation in the next few years, these are topics to think about.

Ready to start week 3 of classes! I’m taking a bit of a lighter load this semester. All of my commitments last semester produced some anxiety that I couldn’t devote time where it was needed, specifically in the youth director job. While I definitely plan on keeping that position, I’ll be ready to leave other responsibilities in search of a more balanced and sane daily routine.

As for a wedding update, we’re moving slowly, working on the guest list and figuring out a date. We have plenty of time, so I’m not rushed at all. It’s just exciting to plan and think about, and being long-distance, it preoccupies my mind. Thomas is great. He reminds me of the big picture.

I suppose that’s all for now. We’ll be in touch soon. Promise.

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