Treasure Hunt

I have found the store that has forever enhanced my appreciation of vintage finds: Nancy’s Downtown Mall. All the credit goes to Thomas, who put the visit on our agenda; he’s trying to build his newly-founded record collection.


This place had EVERYTHING. I was internally jumping up and down while browsing the china sets, ball jars, antique furniture and accessories.  Much of the stuff could be considered junk to some, such as the cups with no saucers and that once-trendy lamp shade, but I loved thinking about how the owners probably adored these things. One piece that caught my eye was this little baby:


The end result of the trip was a happy couple who both walked out with some goods of their own. For my guy, a stack of records by Frank Sinatra and Big Band artists, while I picked up some $2 earrings (2 dollars!) and a Hadley plate to add to Mom’s collection. I also nearly fell in love with a small armoire that would be so charming in a bathroom or hallway…maybe someday.

This was a fun break in the normal shopping routine. Besides, who doesn’t love a nice bargain?



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