I wrote my previous post unknowing that I would be proposed to later that afternoon (if I knew, you can bet I would have put on cuter clothes that day). But now, I’m engaged! It seems like such a big word. You always hear about other people dedicating themselves to each other, but it’s a very different and very wonderful feeling to say that about yourself. In a nutshell, for those wondering (and those who have heard this twenty times) we took a drive out to Mansfield Dam on Raccoon Lake like we’ve done maybe 3 or 4 times before. Upon walking down to a bench by the water, Thomas played some guitar, he asked, and I said yes (read: nodded frantically and mustered a “Yeah definitely”). What followed was an outpouring of hugs, as well as details of weird “coincidences” that have taken place over the last four months. Yes. FOUR months. I tried so hard to glue everything about that afternoon into my mind, but when my memory fails, I will always have it on paper, which I wrote later that night. Just a side note: he asked my brother, in addition to my parents. Is that not awesome?


We have received an immense amount of love and support, which has been so encouraging. We know we’re young and that this isn’t the “typical” way to go about engagement and marriage, as we are anticipating a Summer 2013 wedding and will each still have a semester of college remaining (which we will finish both living in Terre Haute). We feel a whole lot of gratitude to be in our position, and I will most definitely be using this blog to document the planning process.

Hoping you have a stress-free and fun-filled next few days! Merry Christmas!


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  1. I realized no one has commented on this wonderful post, and since I miss you, I’m wasting time browsing through your writings :) In reference to this post, I made the best, most influential decision of my life, and not a second thought has crossed my mind.
    Love you dear

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