Breaking Routine

Christmas break has me celebrating inside and out. I’ve found, though, that it is slightly weird not having a million things school-related circling in my mind. In fact, other than my Nonprofit Leadership Alliance conference in Kansas City coming up in early January, school isn’t occupying my thoughts at all (as it should be). This has occasionally led me to wander throughout my house, not necessarily in boredom, but rather befuddlement that I have this much free time. I’m not complaining, as I really enjoy wrapping presents and I’m beginning to get more into cooking and baking. I also am able to spend much time with Thomas, which is great because we get to make up for lost time during the semester (Not great because we could sit and watch Dexter for hours).

I don’t always make the most fluid transitions into breaks and vacations, but I sure do appreciate them. To those of you still working this week (special shout-outs to Dad, Mark and Gina), know that I am thinking of you. At least you have something to look forward to, as you anticipate these delicious sugar-coated pecans that Mom and I made last night!

(Get the super-easy recipe here :

Keep the season merry!

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