We all know that kids have imaginations. I don’t just mean the make-believe friends (such as Beatrice and Ollie…don’t judge me), but the ability to play and make silly voices. This afternoon I watched my nephews Aiden and Owen for a while and it was just Aid and I playing with cars (with faces) on the floor. I started talking for them, and he looked at me with bright eyes, surprised, like he thought it was kind of silly. He almost seemed bashful at first when he talked for the cars. Truthfully, if any other adult had been there, I would have been a little more reserved, but I was playing with a three year old. I could do anything and he’d think it was cool. So then he began taking the cars to Grammy’s house to play ping pong and get in the hot pool (the hot tub, duh). His cars visited fruit stands to eat strawberries and peanut butter gummies (his idea, not mine). It was just fun to see him play.

I was also inspired by his innocent honesty. In playing hide and seek, he was nestled in a corner of his room behind a train table. Leaving the room and acting totally unaware, I heard a little cough and said, “What was that?” Aiden immediately stood up and said, “That was me. That was my cough.” So sweet.

And then there’s this little guy, who is more than enough to make your heart sing.

Did I mention that I love being an aunt?

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