A Hat for Boyfriend

So I just learned to crochet about a year ago. Thus far, I’ve made 1 and half scarves (haha…never finished that one), a baby blanket, and now…DRUMROLL PLEASE! A beanie hat! Two actually. Here’s the first.

Thomas has been asking for one for a while, and I put it off simply because it was outside the realm of straight rows and the thought of following a pattern freaked me out. So I searched Youtube for videos and found one that looked simple enough, and it turned out to be so. I made the one in the picture, all the while feeling doubtful that it would fit. I was right. It was a little loose on me, and my dome is much bigger than Thomas’. Though I experienced about ten minutes of agitation, I started in on another hat.

About 2/3 through, I needed to redo some of it because it was still too wide for his head! But the third time was the charm. It fits, and he’s happy. Good thing too. Because not only did I make my guy happy and his ears warm, I expanded my crochet possibilities (though they’re still extremely limited). I find it therapeutic. It’s nice to have something to look at other than a computer screen in my free time.

Maybe if I get REALLY crazy, I’ll try socks.


  1. hm you should give me the link. I have recently become quite addicted to crocheting but I know like 2 things…

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