Saga #2: Laptop Drama

I think it’s a good sign that I’ve been itching to write another post. I feel like you people are holding me accountable here. Or maybe it’s just my conscience. Whichever, I must get down on paper  here the story of my beloved Mac that was stolen.

But before I tell you that story, I must tell you this story. I have been participating in a cross-cultural education seminar through the Honors Program, and we look at issues of poverty and cultural differences in education. Bet you could have figured that one out. Anyway, we’ve visited a charter school in Gary and we also hosted a group of Navajo students from Arizona earlier this spring. So last week we went out to Pinon, AZ for four days to visit them in return.

Me and two other girls stayed at a teacher’s house very close to the school. We borrowed her house key to go relax for a few hours before the next group activity, and upon entering, we knew something was off. There was a trail of mud on the ground, and I looked directly to the wall where I had placed my backpack earlier that morning. It wasn’t there, and instead I saw it completely empty with all the zippers open and thrown into the corner. Another girl’s clothes were dumped out of her bag on the opposite end of the room. It was clear the guy ransacked the place as quick as he could, taking two laptops, two iPods (one of them mine as well) and an iHome, cell phone, and some sentimental jewelry, all belonging to the teacher.

We went outside the house and called a professor on the trip with us who was staying just up the road. What ensued was about a two-hour ordeal of missing-item lists, questions, police visits and breaking the news to the teacher, who showed up about a half hour after we did. Our stuff was replaceable (minus the jewelry), but it was our security that we were concerned for. I live comfortably. I’ve never had to worry about break-ins or safety issues because my home is cush. I was seriously shaken, and I also felt like a weenie because these kids in Pinon deal with this regularly. I felt like a weak, vulnerable Anglo.

Fortunately, that didn’t define the trip for me, as my next post in a few days will explain, and I have had my new Mac for about 24 hours now. It’s still a little naked, as I lost all my pictures, documents, and music, but she’ll be restored soon enough. As for the missing iPod…iPhone, anyone? ;)

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