“The Nurturer”

I took a personality test today. Personality tests are so funny because more than likely, if you’re not going through a mid-life crisis, you have an idea of who you are going into the thing, but you’re still AMAZED at how it can put your thoughts, actions, quirks and relational struggles into words on a page. My results? I’m an ISFJ.

I=Introverted. However, the results came in percentages, and I was 53% introverted to 47% extroverted.

S=Sensor. Supposedly I prefer specific answers to specific problems and use practical means to get them, as opposed to Intuitive, which appreciates abstract problems and theories.

F=Feeler. Sounds racy, but it means that I believe compassion and empathy are more important than analysis and logic (which would be the Thinker).

J=Judger, which also sounds bad, but it alludes to a person who enjoys organization, tidiness, punctuality and decisiveness…the opposite of a Perceiver.

All of these made perfect sense to me, but then I Googled a description of the ISFJ personality type, found here. It was called “The Nurturer.” I won’t go into much detail, but it did open my eyes to how much of a control freak I can be and how I let my feelings bottle up. Which is so not healthy.

You could be thinking, “This was way too much Mal for one post,” so I’m ending it here. But hey, you’re the one subscribed to read this, right? ;)


    1. Yes, I think it is too. I took it on MyPlan’s website but through ISU. If you wanted to take it, we could log you into my account. Some aspects of our personalities would be identical and others would be quite the opposite!

  1. I love Myers Briggs tests. I think they say a lot and help us understand ourselves and one another! I’m an ISTJ…we are rather similar ;)

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