Just pretend it never happened..?

I realized the subtitle of this blog has the phrase “unveiled mishaps” in it. Meaning I’m supposed to share with you the times in which I screw things up. Though this isn’t a huge, life-altering “mishap,” I did feel pretty dumb afterwards. SO. Here we go.

On my wonderful visit to see Thomas this weekend, we ate in the dining court a few times. Always taking advantage of dessert that I don’t have to make or pay for, I wanted to have a cookie with some soft-serve vanilla ice cream. Filling up my bowl, I had to practically sit on the handle because it was so difficult to push down. Exaggeration. But I did have to push really hard and my hand was shaking a little. The ice cream was a little firm and you kind of have to “pinch” the end off if you will. But this ice cream DOES NOT STOP. It’s still coming. In a panic, I pinch it off and leave to go get my spoon. I’m turning around to go back to my seat when I see a GIANT pile of ice cream right where my bowl would have been, and a guy walking back to his seat saying to his friends, “That could have kept going forever.” Then it hit me. I actually had to lift the handle back up. We don’t do that at ISU. How was I supposed to know? Determined to remain as clueless as possible, I beelined for my seat, not making eye contact. I think I was pretty convincing.

But what’s even worse is that I have been laden with some good old “Catholic guilt,” despite the fact that I’m not Catholic at all. I felt like I had to tell someone about this ice cream incident because I felt so ridiculous for letting it leak four cups because I didn’t lift the handle. So I told Thomas, and of course, it wasn’t a big deal. I just don’t like doing silly things like that.

There you go. As much as I try not to drop salsa on my shirt or do an awkward shoe stub walking down the sidewalk, little incidents like these are unavoidable. Expectable. We can’t be in control of everything.


  1. Mal, you need to ask Tim about the time he used a golf ball vending machine, so to speak, at a driving range and didn’t know he needed to put his bucket under the dispenser. Golf balls pinging off metal are a lot louder than ice cream!

      1. Yeah, I did that golfball thing earlier this summer at the driving range. Funny how you think you’re the only one who has ever done that! Luckily Wes was the only one that saw (I think!)

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