Evangelists Say the Darndest Things

Evangelism (in the context of sharing the Gospel) is an interesting thing. It’s a confusing thing, and it’s very different things, according to very different people, as this video demonstrates.

I’ve had multiple conversations with people about sharing faith and the “most effective” way of doing so, and here’s where I am currently: an awesome pastor at a conference I went to called it “The Art of Coming Alongside.” Like merging lanes of traffic, we join people wherever they are on their faith journeys, and there’s never a definite destination. Some methods of evangelism can become agenda items or events and can easily become focused on me and my duties as a Christian. We don’t always see people from the other side of the glass and how they feel about being talked to. I’m not in any way saying other ways to share the Gospel are bad. But I think it’s important to keep the journey and the relationship and the “coming alongside” the main purpose.

A bride wouldn’t dip out on her groom after the gorgeous ceremony and joyous reception. That would make the whole ordeal about the wedding…not the marriage. In the same way, we shouldn’t simply focus on getting any person to the point of being “saved.” That’s in God’s realm of business. All we can do is join people on the journey.


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