My Most Recent Addiction

Maybe “addiction” could be a slight exaggeration, but I really really REALLY like a website called This site is SO FUN. <——Those caps express my excitement. Pinterest is a place where you can “pin,” or save, pictures that you come across online onto a “pinboard.” So instead of continually saving jpegs into a lost file on my computer, they’re all collected in one nice, clean space. There are different pinboards for different categories. For example, a few of mine are “Such the Foodie,” “Beauty in People” and “What to Wear.” It’s fabulous. And you can follow other people and see what images they have posted. It’s like one big pot of inspiration ready to be dipped out of.

I’ve been pinning pictures excessively this week. Between all the blogs I visit and how much time I spend online during after work, I see a lot of images. And saving and seeing them later makes me happy. Everything I find pretty or good in life is on my Pinterest.

Before I create the illusion that I don’t do anything school-related at school, let me just defend myself by saying that I’m actually enjoying my classes. The only one I’m not crazy about is my history, which I guess is alright, considering it’s the only course not contributing to my major or minor specifically. I’m also taking Intro to Nonprofit Management, Intro to Public Relations, Intro to Persuasion Theory, ZUMBA (for one credit hour…oh yeah!) and the history is U.S. Since 1865. Not bad.

Other than classes, I’m still working at the Office of Communications and Marketing and as the youth director at the church! I’m pumped about that one. The year is taking off, but intermingled in all that is spending both in-person and virtual time with the family and Thomas and having a social life…and pinning. Check it out sometime :)

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