Moving: Part 2

All settled in! What a day. We got my stuff moved in a little after ten this morning, and I kept busy putting things away and finding a place for every last picture and razor. The organizing was interrupted by lunch (but who can complain about that?) and the Honors Fall Welcome session, which I attended because I’m an Honors Peer Advisor. My job is to help about 20 new Honors students get acquainted with the program. Kind of like Link Crew…college style! Then Shannon and I went to Walmart, where we were charged with a bill that was momentarily deflating, right before we found rubber door stoppers at Dollar Tree. Fabulous. And THEN we went back to Wal-Mart to get twine for an upcoming project. I guess you’ll just have to check back to hear more about that one :) We finished with Sonic for dinner and then I was able to sit. And relax.

Want to see my room now? I put it into a mosaic just for kicks.

I kept my bedding from last year, which is so warm and cheerful, I think. We’re also hooked up with a private bathroom, which we eagerly decorated with a damask shower curtain and teal bathmats (they look more blue in the picture). And a walk-in closet? We’re two happy girls! Makes me look like less of a clothes hoarder because there’s so much space. Not pictured is our bookshelf with the tv and our triple stacker right next to it (Bessie the printer sitting on the microwave sitting on the fridge).

It’s really a very nice room and building, and I’d be silly to complain about it. But it’s still an adjustment. I’m looking forward to classes starting so I can start my routine. Does that make me sound like a boring person? Hm. I’m feeling a good sleep coming on.

One last thought. With details like this one atop my desk, how could I NOT enjoy this place?


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