Moving: Part 1

It’s about that time again. That time where laundry baskets are filled with miscellaneous combinations of sweatshirts, purses, hand mirriors and shampoo. Where all three drawers of the plastic storage unit are stuffed with plates and notebooks and power strips. It’s college time, people! I’m moving in tomorrow morning. And my room is a wreck.

I was able to help my guy pack up and get (kind of) settled in at Purdue on Saturday. Here he is bagging up some shirts the night before.

I get asked a lot how the long-distance thing works out for us, so I’ll just state publicly that most of the time it works pretty well. Both of us definitely learned some major communication lessons last year, and we saw each other 1 or maybe 2 weekends a month. But being at separate schools, we’re able to make our own friendships and get involved in our own things. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s frustrating. But those weekends when we do see each other are greatly anticipated, and we know it’s probably making us a better couple, even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes. Now. Back to the mess. Here is my over-crowded-I-am-bringing-way-too-much-to-school pile that is dominating my floorspace…

It’s all going. My goodness, I hope it all finds a place somewhere.

Tonight I’m a little anxious. I love my bed. I love how my dog, Buck, waits up for me and sleeps on my white dog-hair-laden rug beside my bed. I love having the space in my house to wander and how the streets are quiet. But I know I’ll adjust when I lay my head tomorrow night in Pickerl 209. And know that it’s another year, another handful of experiences waiting to happen. Stay tuned, will ya?

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