The Present’s Past

One of my Facebook friends posted this website called Dear Photograph that encourages people to “take a picture of a picture from the past in the present.” Look at these beauties…

So neat. I’m not sure if this is normal or not, but many times I’ve looked at a tree, for example, and thought, “I wonder how many people before me looked at this tree or walked by this tree.” Driving down Wabash, I wonder how the scene has changed since “cruisin’ the ‘Bash” was the cool thing to do. Nearly everywhere we go, someone was there or something took place before we arrived. Buildings and rivers and sidewalks have a history before us. That amazes me. To think I sit in the same church pew as someone who had bad 80’s hair did. To realize that the same campus I will be navigating in just a few days has hosted students since 1865. When life as I know it didn’t exist.

But how often do we at the beach try to walk in the wet sand where there are no footprints? Where it appears no one has stepped before. What does this say about us?

The picture of the two girls walking the dogs–it’s the same girl. She grew up. She has a history with that road, and, most likely, other people do too. I wonder where my own history will lie. Hmm…

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