Lunch date with no one

Isn’t it funny how, generally, we feel awkward being by ourselves in public while waiting for something or someone? My first reaction is to take out my phone and pretend to be doing something important…like typing a crucial text message or cruising the internet (and I don’t even have a smartphone). But today I didn’t need to use my phone as a crutch because I brought a book instead, which made me feel much less of a lame-o. I went to Ginger Snaps for lunch on my own today, as I had an hour to spare before a tennis date with Emma. In the small and crowded dining area, people in groups of 2 or 3 chatted away while I parked myself at the counter and read while waiting for my food.

And while I ate, I thought. I let my mind wander and realized that it was kind of liberating to not feel like I had to make conversation or worry that I had pesto in my teeth. I’m a people person and absolutely enjoy company, but it was an unusual scenario I found myself in. So I guess the lesson for me in this post is the following: there’s no need to feel like the weirdo girl who has no friends to eat lunch with, and it’s ok to not look like I’m occupied while studying every intricacy of each picture on my phone. Sometimes, it’s good to just be. That is all.

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