Gettin’ crafty with it

I’ve never really believed that you can “force” craftiness. Sure, practice makes…well, improvements, but is the ability to be crafty this piece of DNA that only some inherit? It’s unclear whether I possess this semi-fictional gene, but I am constantly trying to improve my craftability.Yep, I said it. Craftability.

It started this past school year, when I met my dear roommate and friend Shannon, who can whip up hand-made dresses like a batch of brownies. We became addicted to this website called, where people post little projects that they’ve either seen or attempted (or maybe both). And BAM! Suddenly I’m looking into crafts I can do in my dorm and following a blog called YoungHouseLove about a couple who conquers DIY projects in their home on a daily basis.

I have tried a few things. I made a big heart on cardstock out of black and white buttons and placed it in a frame, which I painted mustard yellow, and I’ve made pop-up cards and tissue paper pom poms. I’ve also made doily vases for my mom for Mother’s Day like this one. So I think I’m getting somewhere.

YoungHouseLove must be building this chuckle-worthy confidence in me, as I’m anticipating my first apartment and these big ol’ plans to reupholster chairs and learn to sew curtains and paint coffee tables and what not. We’ll see if that actually happens, but I love the pioneering mentality of it. I love the inspiration. So maybe it doesn’t matter if craftability is innate or forced or any other way it presents itself. Maybe all it takes is an eager spirit, yes?

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