Meet the best sandals ever made. Ever.

A few months ago, I came across one of MOST RAD pair of sandals I’ve ever seen. And the best part? I own them now, thanks to my guy! I fell in love with them on StumbleUpon and now want to spread their goodness and mission to everyone else. Their name is Sseko.

You can check out their website here:

As the story on the website goes, a young woman named Liz graduated with a communication degree and traveled to Uganda to work for a nonprofit. She discovered this community of women who were totally smart, but struggled to make money to attend higher education. So Liz designed a versatile sandel, a simple leather base with five loops and two ribbon straps that allow you to tie in multiple ways. Here’s a picture if I’ve confused you.

After Liz designed this, she hired the women to hand-craft them so they could earn money for school! How incredibly neat and ambitious is that??

They’re beautiful shoes made by beautiful people. I have three different patterns/colors of straps, so I’m having fun interchanging them and experimenting with tie varieties.

Sseko is only two years old and has not received much media attention. And not like this blog is MSN or anything, but I want people to know about them. The website offers materials for a “Party in a Box,” where you can host a Sseko party and get a group discount on all sandals! If you’re interested in ordering a pair, hold off and talk to me first! Let’s try to make a party out of it, shall we? :)

I want to work for this company. Liz’s story inspires me, and she’s a prime example of the “Why not?” mentality. Sseko represents hope and opportunity. Who wouldn’t dig that?

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