Wait, I’m not the baby anymore?

Things are coming full circle. I say that with a hint of hesitancy, but also with a sense of excitement for what’s to come. I’m talking about my family. As we headed over to Indy tonight for a family birthday celebration, I was able to sit next to this little bean:

Sweet, isn’t he? And while I tried excessively to make him smile by making ludicrous faces and talking that baby talk, I couldn’t help but later think about how our family life is changing and how it will continue to change. This feeling was further pressed, as upon arriving I saw my cousin’s adorable 8 month old, Eli, as well as the ever-enthusiastic Aiden, always begging someone to play with him, and there was talk of more babies to come. Those little babies and the can’t-help-but-laugh orneriness of Aid reminded me that that’s who I used to be. And Megan and Mark and my cousins too. We were the ones people doted over. We were the ones who were told to eat “just three more” bites before we could get down from the table. And now we’re the parents with the cute kids (ok, not me specifically, but you get the point).

It’s an odd thing. In the near future, Christmas and Thanksgiving and birthday parties are going to be overrun with kids again. Another generation arises. I realize this is kind of what happens; it’s the natural progression, or whatever, but it’s still an idea to get acquainted with. Strange.

But exciting. If I love these boys this much, I’m only going to love my own more. And the chaos at the dinner table, the messes, the much-strived for smiles…it will all just be…well, good.


  1. Amazing how time flies. It honestly seems like only a couple of years ago that you all were dressing up and acting silly at family get-togethers, and now we’re sitting and watching our grandchildren do the same stuff! Life is good. God is good.

  2. Isn’t it insane how small things like that make you realize that you’re quickly growing up? I feel like there have been quite a few of these things happening in my life recently. It’s really exciting and kind of depressing too. I enjoyed being a kid!

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