My Kind of Feminism

My boyfriend (only half-jokingly) calls me a feminist. I’m certainly no man-hater, but I’ll admit that I do sometimes roll my eyes at sexist jokes (although some are pretty hilarious) and get a little disheartened when I see girls of any age wearing clothes that only say, “Look at my body,” like there’s nothing else they have to offer (i.e. a personality, sense of humor) that people would find attractive. I know, I know. I DO love clothes and I love feeling good about how I look, but where are the women, especially in the public eye, who act and dress more on the modest side and are STILL wickedly awesome? Well, look no further. I found one. Watch one or both videos of this classy chick, and then we’ll talk.

You can pick up your jaw now.

Her name is Janelle Monae, and my friend Andy introduced me to her. She’s gorgeous, an amazing dancer, but most of all, I see this energy radiating…like she knows who she is, and if she doesn’t, she’s well on her way to figuring it out. In “Tightrope,” you see her playful side. In “Cold War,” you see her vulnerability. LOVE this.

While we’re on the subject, let’s talk vulnerability. I don’t know too many women who are great at expressing it. Heck, I’m bad at showing it too. But sometimes tears are the most beautiful thing to witness, like something is being shed and healing is going on.

So cheers to Janelle Monae for being a prime example of womanhood: a captivating balance of strength and vulnerability, while not being afraid to showcase what she’s good at.


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