Here goes…something?

When this whole blogging revolution started, I wondered if I would catch on at some point. I mean, I can write decently enough. I like spilling my thoughts and trying to make pretty sentences. But most of all, I love when I know people (and when people know me) on a different level. Not some everyday, we-say-hi-on-the-street persona, and not a you’re-my-weirdish-relative persona, but a you’re-a-real-person persona. You know, being able to admit and talk about the stupid things we do and celebrate the little joys that make our day better. Learning about people. Learning about life (sounds cliche, but it’s true). Keeping more in touch than we normally would.

My hopes for this blog? To become a sharing space. One day I might talk of  aunthood, stress of school, my handsome guy, and another day I may post beautiful photos of people I don’t know, or an article that makes me think. Whatever it is, I hope it brings us closer as family, friends, acquaintances, and anything in between. So I guess there’s only one question remaining…

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  1. Mallory Rose….U r definitely one-of-a-kind, awe inspiring, u make me smile. So, I am just now, this night, signing on to your blog and reading u. I am so impressed, blessed to know you and call you a very dear friend. I look forward to following your thoughts, your dreams and wherever life takes you. Thanks for sharing.
    Love ya,

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